Saturday, August 5, 2017

Greece In A Nutshell? Impossible!


How can you put this glorious place in a nutshell? Greece offers endless sites of natural beauty that often left me speechless. After a couple of days immersed in historical Athens, we spent 4 days in each of three Cycladic Islands: Milos, Folegandros, and Santorini. Awestruck by the grandeur that surrounded us, my jaw kept dropping at every turn. There were precious glories, too, most commonly represeented by the kind, generous, and outgoing people who were excited and proud to share their country and culture with us.

Temple of Olympian Zeus - Athens

We observed antiquities and learned history up close. We swam, kayaked, and snorkeled in the Aegean Sea, and explored ancient caves on the coastline. We hiked to far-flung beaches and ate fish that had been caught on a line that very day, and we drank Greek wine and watched the sun rise and set over mountains and oceans. Absolutely a dream come true!

Our reviews of some sites, hotels, and restaurants are posted on TripAdvisor, and photos and videos, both serious and silly, are collected here. If Greece is a place you have ever considered visiting, just go! There are joys to be had, both exotic and familiar, and the aura of romance and beauty will be an inspiration!

Hotel Animomilos - Folegandros

Agios Nikolaos Beach - Folegandros

Sarakiniko - Milos
Ammoudi Bay - Santorini
Sunset in Pollonia, Milos

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